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Whiplash compensation

What Causes Whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury synonymous with road traffic accidents, usually following an impact from behind. It is an injury to the neck caused by the head suddenly moving backwards and forwards. This movement damages the tendons and ligaments in the neck because they become strained. Some research suggests that it affects women more than men because their necks muscles are weaker.

Whiplash injuries are not just caused by road traffic accidents. They can be caused by anything that “whips” the head suddenly, such as a fall or an impact whilst playing a contact sport.

Symptoms of Whiplash

The first symptoms of whiplash are pain and stiffness in the neck, whilst headaches and pains in the shoulder are also not uncommon. In very severe cases there could also be damage to the spine. The prognosis for whiplash is that it can take anything from a couple of weeks to a few years to recover from depending upon how badly damaged the ligaments and the tendons in the neck are.
Whiplash can be diagnosed through some basic tests by your GP or via an x-ray. In most cases the symptoms of whiplash will ease themselves without any specific treatment; however painkillers and keeping the neck moving are likely to be the best self help and short term treatments.


A road traffic accident does not have to be serious for one of the drivers or passengers to suffer from whiplash. If an impact does result in a whiplash for someone (not the driver who is at fault) then they may be able to make a claim for compensation. It should however be noted that any failure to mitigate the effect of the accident (such as not seeking immediate medical attention) could result in the amount of compensation being reduced; this is known as contributory negligence.

The amount of compensation you can receive will depend on the severity of the accident. In most cases you will be able to claim compensation for the actual pain and suffering. In addition you can also receive compensation to take into account medical bills and loss of income if you are unable to return to work. It is worth pointing out that the purpose of compensation is to put the victim in the position they would have been had the accident not occurred. It is not intended to be a financial windfall for the victim.

To find out whether a claim is possible contact us as soon as possible and at least within the first three years of the accident as after this time it could be too late to bring a claim (except in the case of a child who can make a claim within three years of their 18th birthday).

Making a claim is easy and most of the work will be conducted by our personal injury solicitors. However, to strengthen your case, you should note as much information about the accident as possible, including taking pictures of the scene, noting the details of any witnesses and seeking medical advice as soon as possible.

We will carry out the work on a no win no fee basis and therefore you will not have to pay any legal costs if you lose and if you win your legal costs will be paid by the guilty party’s insurance company.

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