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Whiplash claims are amongst the most common and most controversial of personal injury claims; frankly, we don’t worry about the controversy and neither should you!

If you have suffered a whiplash injury, then you have every right to make a claim. It is not your fault if you have suffered this kind of injury, nor is it your fault that whiplash is a classic soft tissue jarring injury to the neck and back which does not show up nicely on an x-ray.

The fact is that when two cars collide, especially where the one you are in is stationary and you are hit from behind, the force is generally sufficient to cause a whiplash effect. These injuries can be extremely painful and cause great discomfort with day to day activities, sleeping, ability to work and overall quality of life. Some whiplash injuries will clear up relatively quickly, others can be much more difficult to resolve.

Here at Lloyd Green Solicitors, our assurance is that we can help all you with all aspects of a whiplash personal injury claim; first and foremost of course, we will obtain the best level of compensation available for you as soon as the prognosis for your injury is clear and legal issues are resolved. We also assist, when we take on a claim on a no win no fee basis, by paying out for medical expenses such as medical expert reports and other outgoings.

Valuing a Claim

Each claim is different, but personal injury claim valuations in terms of general damages for pain and suffering do rely on certain well established bands of awards, which in turn come from published guidelines known as the Judicial Studies Board guidelines. These classify whiplash injuries into three categories:-

  • Mild whiplash injuries – general damages between £1,000.00 to £4,500.00
  • Moderate whiplash injuries – general damages between £4,500.00 and £14,500.00
  • Severe whiplash injuries (severe): £14,500.00 – £86,500.00

Simply complete the 30 second claim form to the right of this page to start the process and one of our friendly and compassionate staff will assess your claim quickly for you. Remember, if we take your claim on, then Lloyd Green Solicitors will meet all expenses associated with the claim for you.

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