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Accident compensation

Regardless of how careful we all are and how many precautions we take unfortunately accidents are a part of life and often there is very little we can do to prevent them. Sadly many accidents can have a profound affect on their victims, perhaps leaving them with lasting symptoms and disabilities or, in some cases, maybe even resulting in the death of the victim.

Whilst compensation can in no way ease the pain and suffering of an injured victim or replace a lost spouse or parent it can often help to ease the victim or victim’s family’s financial burden and make life just a little bit easier to bear.

If you have been a victim of an accident which wasn’t your fault then it is highly likely that you will be entitled to claim compensation. If you believe you have a case its well worth contacting a personal injury lawyer who will go over your accident in detail with you and will let you know whether he thinks your claim is worth pursuing.

If the lawyer feels that you have a fairly solid case which is worth following up then you will need to supply the lawyer with a good deal of information and evidence pertaining to the accident in order to give the case merit. This will include:

Photos of the Accident Scene

Whilst taking pictures of the scene of the accident is not a particularly pleasant thing to have to do it will add strength to the case. If you are unable to take the pictures yourself then there is a good chance that a witness may have managed to get a few images or, failing that, you may even be able to obtain them via the police accident report.

Statements from Witnesses

If there were witnesses to your accident then it would be very helpful to the case if they could supply statements detailing the nature of the accident, how it happened and who or what was at fault.

Doctor’s Reports

If you needed treatment for the injuries sustained as a result of the injury you should also obtain any medical reports written by the hospital staff that treated you. There will be a small charge for these reports but these costs will be reimbursed if the case is successful.

The Injuries

Your lawyer will also need to know how the injuries affect your daily living, the level of pain you have or still are experiencing and whether there have been any other symptoms of side affects as a result of the accident/injuries. These can be both physical and psychological symptoms such as insomnia, post traumatic stress syndrome, restricted mobility or loss of appetite.

Loss of Amenity

Loss of amenity means you are unable to partake in any activity which gives you pleasure or joy as a direct result of the accident. Make sure your solicitor is fully aware if you have suffered from any loss of amenity.

Loss of Earnings

If the injuries sustained have prevented you from working then you will more than likely have experienced a loss of earnings. The solicitor will need to be provided with proof of this loss so it can be added to the claim.

Further Expenses Incurred

All other expenses incurred as a result of the accident can also be included in the claim such as any prescription or treatment costs and fuel costs or taxi fees incurred on trips to and from the hospital or doctor’s surgery.

When all the evidence has been collected the solicitor can then use this information to work out the appropriate level of compensation owed.

The case will then go to court and will, more often than not, be handled on a no win no fee basis which quite simply means that if the claim is unsuccessful you won’t need to cover your solicitor’s fees and the defendant’s costs will be taken care of by your insurance.

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