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Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents are still the most common form of accident in the UK.

With some accidents, for example where your car is stationary and is hit from behind, in what is described as a rear end shunt, liability can be fairly straightforward to establish. In other circumstances, the legal position is not always as straightforward and there may be a dispute over legal liability.

As with all forms of injury claim, it is vital to try and get the right evidence as quickly as possible; this means that wherever feasible, you should obtain details of witnesses, take photographs, ensure the police attend, visit your doctor if you have not been to hospital and ensure that a copy of the police accident report is obtained as soon as possible.

Having suffered an injury, it makes sense for you to ease the burden by allowing our experienced solicitors to handle all aspects of your claim as early as possible, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Another good reason to instruct our lawyers at an early stage is that it can be very confusing, frustrating and risky to deal with insurers without professional advice. Your own insurers and certainly the other party’s insurers will not exactly be helpful in dealing with your claim and in the case of the possible defendant’s insurers they may even try to lure you into a mistake in correspondence. Other tactics that may be used against include frustrating you and causing delays in the hope that you may simply give up the claim.

By instructing Lloyd Green Solicitors on a no win no fee basis, we will stand for no nonsense from insurers or solicitors who represent them. In straightforward cases we will push very hard for an early admission of legal liability so that we can focus on helping you to get the right medical treatment, a prognosis from an accredited medical expert, assistance with any claim for loss of earnings (special damages) and to finalise your claim satisfactorily as quickly as your recovery will allow.

Lloyd Green Solicitors can assist you whatever the type of road traffic accident, whatever the injury and whether you were the driver or a passenger.

Simply complete the 30 second claim form to the right of this page to start the process and one of our friendly and compassionate staff will assess your claim quickly for you. Remember, if we take your claim on, then Lloyd Green Solicitors will meet all expenses associated with the claim for you.

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