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Sports Injuries

Sport and physical exercise are undoubtedly good for us and we all know that when we exercise or play sport, there is a risk of injury or even an accident. The law recognises this and provides that we consent to a level of risk, however, when an injury or accident happens in sport due to clear negligence, lack of action to prevent injury, or an action which causes injury, deliberate or negligent, a claim for personal injury is possible.

In summary, very similar rules apply in legal terms for sports personal injury claims, as for other types of accidents such as slips or trips.

Common claims for sport related injuries include:-

  • Team sports such as football, hockey or rugby
  • Injuries at fitness clubs or gyms related to defective equipment or failure of gym instructors
  • Injuries at accidents to children while doing PE at school
  • Outdoor activities such as climbing or horse riding
  • Winter sports such as skiing or ice skating
  • Watersports and swimming accidents
  • Motorsport

Reasons for Making a Claim

There are many situations where Lloyd Green Solicitors has successfully represented claims for sports accidents and injuries on a no win no fee basis. A few examples of these are:-

  • Defects or hazards with the condition of a pitch, court or equipment
  • Negligent refereeing or other control of a sport event, such as allowing a game to be played where ice is on the pitch or failing to control dangerous behavior or serious foul play
  • Inadequate supervision, instruction or training for using equipment or before attempting risky physical activity such as diving or gymnastics
  • Violent, reckless or dangerous behavior by others which causes injury

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