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Slipping & Tripping

Some slipping and tripping accidents occur due to a short term lapse in appropriate safety checks whilst others are caused by hazards which have been present for perhaps many years. An example of the first category is where a liquid gets spilt in a supermarket whereas the second category tends to be defects in pavements or roads which may have been present for months or even years.

The common feature of both these types of accidents is that, in addition to claims being made on the grounds of negligence law, the duty of care owed is also based on statute. In the case of visitors to a shop or office the duty is contained in the Occupier’s Liability Act 1957, whereas in the case of pavements or highways a Local Authority or Council has duties under the Highways Act 1980.   Lloyd Green Solicitors has a large amount of experience with slipping and tripping accidents; these include:- With slips and trips on pavements, there is a rule of thumb that if a defect is less than an inch high or an inch deep then a claim will be unlikely to succeed; since a Council is not expected to ensure a completely even pavement or road, which would be simply impossible. What a Council is expected to do however, is to have a regular and documented system of inspections to be able to demonstrate a reasonable level of care and attention. In a marginal case, if a Council has not inspected for a significant period then this can be a crucial factor.  

    • Defects in pavements, roads and potholes


  • Damaged flooring, flagstones and loose wires



  • Defective premises



  • Injuries to children at schools, sports centres and playgrounds



  • Cycling accidents due to potholes and poorly lit areas



  • Slippery floors, spillages or other hazards in shops and offices



  • Unsafe stairs and ladders





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