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Accident helpline

Getting advice on accident claims

When you’re told that you may be entitled to money as compensation for the accident you have had everything may seem ever so simple. However, the procedure and mechanics of making a claim can be much more complicated and expensive without any guarantee of a pay-out at the end of it. Accidents often happen when least expected and a person is left to carry on their life without the time to pursue compensation that they may be entitled to. Those who are the victims of accidents that are not their  fault certainly benefit from hearing advice about a claim from an expert in the relevant field but do not necessarily have the time to visit a solicitor.

What can you tell me ?

The matters which can be quickly assessed, resulting in an answer for you as to whether we can help you on a now in no fee basis are :-

  • Whether someone owed you a duty of care at the time of your accident – This means that you were in their contemplation when they acted or failed to act, as a result of which your accident occurred. If you were involved in a road accident then it is likely that other road users owed you a duty of care. Similarly, if you had an accident on the street it is likely that the local authority owed you a duty. Accidents at work usually mean that your employer owed you a duty. A solicitor advising you over the phone can identify the person or people that owed you a duty. It is this person that your claim may eventually be made against, therefore identifying the right person is crucial.
  • Whether the person that owed you a duty of care breached that duty – Once a duty is established the person who owes it is expected to act in a way which is considered reasonable. I relation to a road user they are expected to act as a reasonable road user would, including abiding by the Highway Code. In relation to a local authority they are expected to act as a reasonable local authority including complying with regulations by, for example, keeping the highways in an acceptable and safe condition. Where the actions of someone fall below the standard expected of them they may be held accountable for their actions or inaction.
  • Whether the accident occurred as a result of the breach of duty – However inappropriately or foolishly someone a defendant acts and before an accident occurs, the accident must be caused by the actions or inaction of the defendant for a claim to be successful. This is usually assessed by asking “but for the act of the defendant would the accident have occurred?”; if the answer is yes a claim will not succeed, if the answer is no a claim may be successful.
  • Whether you can get compensation for any injury of loss – If you suffer injury or incur loss as a result of an accident caused by the breach of duty of the defendant you are very close to claiming compensation from them. However, there may be specific evidence circumstances which must be analysed to ensure that the claim is  worth pursuing. This can be done rapidly after you have contacted us as well as assessing roughly how much a claim may be worth.


In summary, however pressed for time you are it is worth getting in touch with us after an accident to see if you are likely to succeed in a claim. This should be done as soon after the accident as possible while matters are still fresh in the memory and evidence is still easily obtainable.

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