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Injuries Abroad

With millions of us travelling abroad each year it’s no surprise that the issue of accidents and illness abroad has become a far more significant legal issue. We are often asked whether a claim can be made and whether it will be very complicated, bearing in mind the laws in different countries. The short answer is that much depends on whether your holiday was booked as a package or not.

Package Holidays

If you have suffered an accident or illness abroad whilst on a package holiday it is much easier for you to claim, based on two reasons:-

  1. You will be covered under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992
  2. As a result of these Regulations, your claim can be brought under English law, in the English courts, against the tour operator

It is important to be aware that under these Regulations the standards of safety and, for example food hygiene, are not necessarily expected to be up to UK standards. There is a test of reasonableness based on the standards expected in the country concerned and claims can also be complicated by difficulties in obtaining supporting evidence. This is not to say that claims do not succeed, it simply means that there are potential complications; you need experienced personal injury claims advice from Lloyd Green Solicitors as early as possible.

Non-Package Holidays

If you did not book a package holiday, and for example booked a flight or hotel only, or made a booking directly, the position on making a claim is much more complicated. Most of these claims will need to be made in the country where the accident or illness occurred, subject to the particular countries laws and careful consideration and full advice are essential before making a claim in these very different circumstances.

Types of Accident and Illness Claims Abroad

Commonly, Lloyd Green Solicitors is involved with the following types of claims:-

  • Road traffic accidents including coach crashes
  • Slipping or tripping claims
  • Skiing accidents
  • Accident or illness whilst on a cruise holiday
  • Food poisoning claims
  • Medical negligence claims due to an increasing number of people opting to have surgery privately abroad

Simply complete the 30 second claim form to the right of this page to start the process and one of our friendly and compassionate staff will assess your claim quickly for you. Remember, if we take your claim on, then Lloyd Green Solicitors will meet all expenses associated with the claim for you.

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