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Criminal Injuries

Almost all personal injury claims are based on some form of negligence and proceed against insurers representing the defendants, but criminal injury claims are different and quite a specialist area too.

These claims tend to be based upon criminal assault where the attacker may well either be unknown or in financial terms not worth pursuing. In these circumstances, probably the only way of being compensated for potentially severe injuries is by making a claim against public funds via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

There is an available fund for such claims which currently stands at some £200 million a year, having recently been cut back by 10%. Frankly, this sum, given the number of these types of criminal assaults is nowhere near enough to compensate all deserving victims and so the rules and discretion associated with such claims are quite difficult. This is an area where experienced advice from injury solicitors who know the system and know how to present a claim is vital. We at Lloyd Green Solicitors have that experience and can help you.

The key points to bear in mind for a criminal injury claim are that:-

  • You reported the assault within 48 hours to the police
  • The injury is severe enough to meet a minimum compensation amount of £1,000.00
  • The general rule is that a claim to the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority must be made within two years of the incident occurring, subject to exceptional circumstances

The vast majority of criminal injury claims receive relatively modest awards. Under English law generally, damages for pain and suffering as opposed to damages for losses such as loss of earnings, are quite low. A typical example would be that for most types of broken bone injuries, an award may be somewhere in the region of £1,000.00 to £3,500.00.

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