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Bike Accidents

Cycling and the use of motorbikes has become increasingly popular in the last decade, possibly more recently due to economic factors, but for whatever the reasons, accidents involving those on bicycles and motorbikes run to well over 30,000 a year and due to the vulnerable nature of being on a bike, these kinds of accidents can often result in very nasty incidents.

It is no surprise that whilst only some 10% of accidents on the roads involve two wheel vehicles, the casualty rate is nearly 100 times higher for bikes or motorbikes than with car accidents. Typical causes of bike accidents and injuries are:-

  • Being hit by or colliding with another vehicle
  • Poor or badly maintained road surfaces and potholes
  • Failure of parts on the bicycle or motorbike
  • Falling off whilst attempting to avoid another vehicle

As bike injuries are statistically more likely to be serious injuries than for drivers or passengers in cars, more of these types of claims fall into the category of high value and complex personal injury claims. It is important with these accidents to instruct specialist personal injury solicitors with significant experience of pursuing claims for bike owners and with experience of higher value claims, which are more likely to be contested by the defendant’s insurers.

Good investigative skills and contacts are also important with these claims, as there may often be a dispute as to the circumstances and cause of the accident. It is often necessary to put significant resource into tracing and obtaining detailed witness statements or even accident reconstruction techniques with these claims. Lloyd Green Solicitors has the vital experience and necessary knowledge to take on your claim and win it.

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