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Leg injury

Common causes of leg injuries are car and motorcycle accidents and a fall whether from a height or tripping down stairs and elderly people are particularly vulnerable. Other instances where we advise claimants can include sport injuries such as skiing or contact sports such as football.

Leg injuries can include muscle tears, severe bruising, burn injuries where something is spilled or broken leg injuries whether to the femur (the upper leg), tibia and fibula (the lower leg) may be eligible to make a leg injury claim for broken leg compensation.

These injuries, however caused, often result in a significant period of rehabilitation, which in turn can impact on the ability to undertake work whilst recovery is ongoing. Many jobs involve standing or physical activity which may mean it is impossible to work, but an employer, depending on the circumstances and other injuries sustained, may seek to reassign an employee to a desk role, although in doing so, suitable adjustments will be needed.

As with all claims, at Lloyd Green, we not only have the experience to advise on a no win no fee basis on the law and negotiating the best outcome for you, we also assist in the recovery process to ensure that you get the best treatment for a rapid recovery wherever possible.

Typical payouts for pain and suffering for leg injuries are :-

  • Up to £7,000 for a simple fracture of a leg
  • Multiple leg fractures  will generally result in compensation in the range of £17,000 – £24,000
  • Leg fracture where recovery is not complete £10,000 – £17,000
  • Permanent disability including loss of  a leg can result in damages for pain and suffering of up to £100,000

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