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Hip and pelvis injuries

Whilst hip injuries are often associated with the elderly, and there is no doubt that as we all get older our hips and pelvis are put under more strain, there are many other causes of fractured, dislocated or severely bruised hips and injuries to the pelvic area.

Causes can include nasty falls, car or motorcycle accidents, accidents whilst playing sport and bad posture issues in the workplace. Aside from the issue of legal liability, it is understandable that we are asked at an early stage to advise on the likely level of compensation that may be achieved on making a claim.

From an early stage, we are generally able to suggest a minimum ballpark figure for a hip injury if recovery is swift. If, however, the injury takes a longer time to settle or creates ongoing problems, the worst advice we or any other injury lawyers could give you would be to accept a settlement before it is clear what the final position will be. The ultimate decision should be guided by specialised and experienced medical evidence and this is part of the process and service we offer to hip injury claimants on a no win no fee basis.

Compensation Amounts for Pain and Suffering caused by a Hip or Pelvic Injury

  • Minor injuries involving bruising, but no fracture, with a swift and uncomplicated recovery – up to £2,600
  • A fractured hip which does not involve complications and heals as expected – likely compensation will be between £6,000 and £9,000
  • Fracture or injury resulting in hip replacement with ongoing treatment and a degree of discomfort – likely compensatory damages in the range of £15,000 to £25,000
  • Serious complications associated with a hip or pelvic injury resulting in permanent disability and significant ongoing pain – damages upwards of £30,000 and up to circa £80,000
  • Fracture dislocation of the pelvis – £34,000 to £43,750
  • Extensive fracture of the pelvis with complications and disabilities such as bladder and bowel control, sexual dysfunction or hip deformity making the use of a caliper essential – £43,000 to £72,000

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