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Foot injury

Common Causes of Foot Injuries

  • Slips and trips – many accidents happen due to slipping or tripping over objects and wet floors or due to potholes
  • Falls
  • Incidents on holidays where feet may be more exposed, especially in hot countries due to different footwear or lack of footwear worn
  • Where a heavy object has been dropped and lands on a foot
  • Road accidents – many injuries to the foot arise out of serious road accidents

With accidents of the above type, it is perhaps more common for a defendant to make an allegation of contributory negligence. This may be based on what you as the claimant were wearing on your feet; perhaps if you are a woman whether you are wearing very high heeled shoes or if you sustain a cut foot injury on holiday, it might be argued that if you were barefoot, this was not appropriate.

  • Possible Injuries to Feet
  • Fracture to heel or ankle
  • Broken toes
  • Fractures of bones in the foot
  • Ruptured ligament injuries such as an achilles tendon which can be an extremely debilitating injury

Compensation Guidelines for a Foot Injury

  • Broken toes – the likely starting point will be in the region of £3,000 for an uncomplicated toe fracture which heals speedily. If more than one toe is fractured or the big toe is fractured, compensation is likely to be somewhere between £3,000 and £9,000. Where a toe or a few toes must be amputated, compensation may be between £8,000 and £15,000
  • Ankle sprains – with a full recovery within a year, the likely award will be between £2,000 and £3,000, but where there is an ongoing and medium term prognosis of weakness and likely recurrences of pain, the compensation may rise to between £5,000 and £8,000. For the most severe cases, where a severe sprain leads to long term injury and difficulties walking or climbing, the amount could be anywhere between £10,000 and £25,000
  • Damaged achilles tendon –depending on the severity of the injury, awards can range from £5,000.00 to £25,000.
  • Amputations of a foot can mean compensation up to £70,000.
  • Where there are fractures leading to permanent deformity and continuing problems, you could be looking at anything up to £16,000.
  • For less severe fractures, ruptured ligaments and the like there could be compensation up to £8,750. Where there has been a complete recovery then you would be looking at compensation up to £4,250.
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