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Chest injury

As with all kinds of personal injury claim, injuries to the chest can occur in a great many ways.

Having said this, the most common causes of chest injuries are accidents in the workplace and in car accidents, and can typically be caused by crushing or jolting or where the chest area is pierced by an object or debris. The chest area of course also houses many of our vital organs, so damage can include damage to internal organs.

It is not possible to list each and every possible injury to the chest area, particularly as stated above, relating to internal injuries and each case will be different, so the amounts of possible compensation are general guidelines only.

  • Compensation for a fractured rib or several ribs where there is a speedy recovery without ongoing complications – likely to be between £1,500.00 to £3,000.00.
  • Damages for a punctured lung which results in a full recovery – up to £7,500.00
  • Other puncture wounds to chest but where there is a full recovery – £6,000.00 to £10,000.00
  • Internal injuries involving some damage to internal organs and where this is likely to cause some disability or some reduced life expectancy – £50,000.00 to £70,000.00
  • For serous chest injuries which involve serious damage to internal organs and serious disability or where a lung or other organ must be removed – £65,000.00 to £85,000.00

As always, the figures above relate to awards for pain and suffering and loss of life amenity. Claims for losses such as time off work or future expected losses such as long term inability to work are treated separately and can only be assessed once the long term impact of an injury is clearer over time.

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