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Back injury

Injuring your back is extremely debilitating and will generally impact on almost all physical activities. Back injuries can range from a moderate strain to a devastating injury such as a severed or damaged spinal cord leading to paralysis.

Back injuries are commonly caused by lifting at work, but can also be sustained in many other ways such as in a car accident, due to a fall from a height or landing badly on your back if slipping on a slippery floor surface.

It is almost inevitable with a back injury that a period of recuperation will be needed together with active medical intervention. In addition to seeing your GP or being hospitalised, an advantage of instructing experienced personal injury solicitors at an early stage is that we can, in many cases, help you obtain additional treatment to speed your recovery at no cost to you.

Lloyd Green Solicitors has dealt with literally thousands of personal injury claims involving back injuries; we are therefore extremely well placed to clarify your likely amount of compensation swiftly, from the wide range of possible amounts detailed below. As you will see, the guidelines for different back injuries are quite wide as they have to be generalised in nature: –

  • Back injury (sprains) – up to £7,000
  • Back injury which involves ongoing pain and discomfort for more than a year but, which is likely to ultimately resolve – £10,000 -£25,000
  • Severe back injury involving long term or permanent back problems, ranging from slipped discs through to broken back injuries – £25,000- £100.000
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