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Wrist injury caused by accident in the office

Extraordinary how the simplest accidents could so easily been avoided but instead have serious, long lasting consequences.

In this case our client, a customer relation manager was moving boxes, most of which were empty or nearly empty, during an office move. As she went to lift one of the boxes a printer that had been placed in it resulted in our client twisting her wrist causing it to swell and cause her immediate pain.

As a consequence of the injury our client developed a haemangioma in her left wrist which required surgery. Whilst such a development was unusual the medical expert instructed stated that the our client had been suffering a pre-existing minor haemangioma which had been exacerbated by the accident.

Getting the right result for the client

Our client contacted Lloyd Green for help since her employers were not prepared to accept responsibility.

Unfortunately, as is often the case, insurers sought to stall the matter as much as possible and liability for the accident continued to be denied and it was not until the end of 2011 that this was accepted. We arranged for the client to be examined by a specialist whose comprehensive report provided us with the evidence we needed to enable us to value the appropriate award for her injuries and enter into negotiations to settle her claim, to include limited associated expenses.

Amount of compensation

Initially the third party insurers offered £2815.00 to settle the claim. Our client rejected this and we put forward a counter offer of £3500.00. Keen to negotiate settlement the third party insurers increased their offer to £3150 which our client accepted.

More Information

If you would like information or advice in relation to a similar (or, for that matter, completely different) accident that you have had, please do not hesitate to telephone or email us. We offer a sympathetic, down to earth approach and you get to deal with an experienced lawyer from the outset. Our services are offered on a now in no fee basis.