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Parked van hit by lorry from behind

The Claimant approached Lloyd Green Solicitors, having been involved in a road traffic accident whilst in the middle of a house move.  Our client was utilizing a hire van to move home on the date of the accident and had simply parked up in a service area, when the third party vehicle, a large truck/trailer with a container on the back, hit our client’s vehicle with a fair amount of force.

With the third party being a haulage vehicle, it was very difficult for our client to obtain any insurance details from the driver and he approached Lloyd Green Solicitors to assist with his enquiries.

Our advice to our client

We immediately approached the haulage company with a formal notification of our client’s claim and the injury that had been caused. After several enquiries with the haulage company, we eventually managed to establish the insurance company in place and liability was fairly swiftly resolved.

However, due to the impact, our client’s injury required an extensive amount of physiotherapy treatment that we also managed to arrange on behalf of the client.  The treatment was provided at no cost to our client and he was grateful that we were able to start alleviating the symptoms he was suffering.  Due to the initial severity of our client’s injury, a claim for cost of care and assistance was also pursued by ourselves and the third party insurance company included this as an award within our client’s final compensation, as a burden had been placed upon our client’s partner to care for our client at a hectic and emotional time of moving home.  It was also important to include our client’s travelling expenses when attending each physiotherapy session, as this is not something that our client had accounted for prior to the accident and was simply the result of the third party’s negligence.

By conclusion of our client’s claim, he reported a majority recovery and was grateful for the intervention of the physiotherapy treatment that we had been able to provide our client.

More Information

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