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Medical negligence claim against a GP – case study

Lloyd Green Solicitors were instructed to act for our client in a claim for compensation in a clinical negligence matter.

Our client attended her opticians in July 2010 and the optician noted that the “intraocular pressures are slightly elevated” as a result of the eye test.

A letter was sent to our client’s GP advising of this situation, and was filed with her medical records, however no action was taken by the GP to follow up this notification.

In March 2011 our client attended hospital with a complaint of a headache and blurred vision, and following an examination a diagnosis of acute angle-closure glaucoma was made.

Our client underwent laser iridotomy in both eyes and her vision remains impaired as a result.

A letter of claim was submitted to the defendant alleging that they had breached their duty of care to our client by failing to refer her for an assessment following receipt of the letter from the opticians, and as a result our client had developed this acute condition.

The defendant initially asked for our client to undergo a medical examination, but we felt this was premature and invited the defendant to admit a breach of duty in order for the matter to progress.

Our client’s medical records were obtained and reviewed and then disclosed to the defendant to support our client’s claim.

Nothing was heard from the defendant for a considerable period, but in August 2012 they put forward a Part 36 offer to settle the matter on a without prejudice basis and with no admission of liability.  This offer was in the sum of £8,250, and this amount was accepted by our client in September 2012 in full and final settlement of damages.

As the above case indicates, it’s very important to get the right advice at the earliest possible opportunity. Medical negligence claims are not the same as many other forms of persona injury claim and are not straightforward. it’s therefore vital to get advice from a solicitor that has significant experience not only in medical negligence but preferably of the specific type of case which you have.

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