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Insurers try to settle cheaply before Claimant obtains legal advice

Fortunately in this RTA case, the claimant sensibly decided that she needed specialist legal advice in circumstances where the third party insurance company were trying to agree settlement without the need for legal intervention.

The claimant was involved in a fairly substantial impact from the defendant’s car, such that the seat in her vehicle was broken, leaving her vehicle ending up on the verge on the side of the road.  Having dealt with the repairs to the claimant’s vehicle fairly swiftly after the accident, the third party insurance company made contact directly with our client in order to try and tempt settlement without the need for legal or medical intervention.

Our advice to the claimant

We advised the claimant not to accept this proposal as she had suffered a whiplash injury and also bruising to her ribs and a soft tissue injury to her knee.  Having have taken into account the injuries, we were immediately of the opinion that the £750 offer by insurers was a whollyinadequate level of compensation.

We explained to the client the disadvantages of settling a claim early without legal advice and the fact that in accepting an offer from the insurers, no further claim could be made at a later date.

Once instructed, Lloyd Green Solicitors contacted the third party insurance company and despite the fact that liability had been admitted, we obtained the appropriate level of settlement on the claimant’s behalf, appropriate to the injuries that she had sustained
therefore, securing settlement of £1750 within 3 months from the date of  instruction.

This claim was handled by Louise Hennessy, Fee Earner with Lloyd Green Solicitors with over 10 years experience.