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Huge changes to no win no fee claims from 1st April 2013

If only it were a joke and all would go back to normal at midday…unfortunately not for the innocent victims of negligence!!

I bet you are all sick and tired of hearing ‘no win no fee’…well after April 1st it will be a phrase of the past.

The government, in their bid to please the ‘oh so poor hard done by insurance companies’ have decided to take away many peoples access to justice, potentially allowing hundreds of employers, business owners and so forth, to enjoy negligent practices, flaunt health and safety regulations and allow people to become injured, without fear of being affected in the only way they will listen to…their pockets!

As of said ‘doomsday’, the insurance companies in the majority of cases, will not be forced to pay for innocent victims legal costs, thus, these victims will have to stump up the legal fees themselves, which in many cases on a private paying basis would eat away at most of their compensation. How is this fair?

There will if course be some firms, such as ourselves, who will attempt to soften that blow and do what we can to fix our fees on a percentage scale to ensure that victims still receive compensation and don’t have to stump up cash in advance before a case is taken on.

Of course, once the changes come in to place on ‘doomsday’ we will do all that we can to remain giving excellent service to those seeking justice, but if you have suffered an injury through someone else’s negligence ACT FAST, get your claim registered before the changes on 1st April 2013.