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Factory accident hand injury case study

Our client, a 65 year old man, received £7,000 after he was injured at work in a factory when he tripped over a 3 inch high cable duct, sustaining injuries to his knee and soft tissue injuries to his hands.

In September 2008 our client was walking through the factory where he worked when he tripped over a 3 inch high cable duct.  This cable was the same colour as the floor and was not marked in any way with a warning tape.

Our client suffered injuries to his knee and shin as a result  and a claim was made against our client’s employers for failure to ensure that the floor of the workplace was of a fit state to be suitable for use, that the cable was a danger and trap for our client, and that they had failed to put up or mark the protruding cable to warn of its presence.

Our client sustained an injury to his knee which lead to symptoms of locking, clicking and giving way and on medical examination by way of an MRI scan he had signs of a medial tear in his knee which occurred at the time of the accident.  Although our client  had suffered from osteoarthritis prior to the accident, the effect of the fall had brought forward development of symptoms by approximately 3-5 years.

Liability as to a breach of statutory duty by our client’s employers was admitted and he received £7,000 in damages.