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Deep vein thrombosis medical negligence case study

Our client, a 43-year-old woman, received £7,500 after she developed a deep vein thrombosis in her right calf when a plaster cast was applied too tightly to her leg in March 2010. Her symptoms were expected to resolve by two years from the date of injury.

In March 2010 our client attended A&E at the defendant trust’s hospital complaining of an injury to her left foot caused by walking into a children’s stair-gate. A fracture of a metatarsal bone was diagnosed following x-ray examination. Treatment was by immobilisation in a below the knee back-slab plaster of Paris cast.

Client returned later that month for removal of the cast and she was advised that there was no fracture but that the cast had been too tight.

The following day our client attended at the accident and emergency department of another of the defendant trust’s hospitals complaining of pain and swelling in her left calf. Clinical examination diagnosed that she had suffered a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in her left calf. Treatment involving injections of Heparin was commenced.  The hospital also wrote to our client’s GP asking that he prescribe compression hosiery to her as, in line with current guidelines, she had been advised to wear below-the-knee grade 3 British standard compression hosiery for a minimum of two years following the diagnosis.

Liability was admitted by the defendant trust in that if the plaster had not been fitted so tightly, on the balance of probabilities, the client would not have developed a DVT in her calf.

Our client will have to wear compression hosiery for two years from the event and for any long-distance travel lasting for more than four hours.

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