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Crushed thumb injury at work

Unfortunately, heroes suffer injuries too.

In this claim, our client, Mr J, was working as a fire fighter with colleagues and was in the process of cutting a casualty out of a vehicle which had been badly damaged in a road traffic accident.

On a bright Monday morning, in July 2010, Mr J was holding a protection shield over his casualty, so that his colleague could remove the doors and roof of the casualty’s vehicle, in order to remove her safely so that she could receive medical attention.  Unexpectedly, an airbag exploded from the casualty’s chair and hit the board Mr J was holding, crushing Mr J’s hand.

Mr J’s hand was crushed in the incident, badly damaging his thumb, requiring treatment at his local NHS hospital and his local G.P., to include surgery and the insertion of a wire to assist the repairing of the bones within his thumb.

How we handled this case

Mr J contacted Lloyd Green Solicitors for help and enquired as to whether there was any claim that he could bring.

We set out the details of Mr J’s accident, the reasons why we considered the defendant responsible and details of Mr J’s injuries, in a letter to Mr J’s employers.  Mr J’s employers were prepared to admit a breach of duty but did not admit that their breach of duty caused the injury, loss and damage suffered by Mr J and therefore, we were put to strict proof of this.

We arranged for Mr J to be examined by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, with a specialism in hands.  The expert provided us with the evidence we needed, to enable us to value the appropriate award for Mr J’s injuries and enter into negotiations to settle his claim, to include his associated expenses, such as medication taken and even a subrogated claim to repay Mr J’s employers for the company sick pay that they provided to him, following the accident.

The outcome

Once all of the medical evidence was obtained, we entered into negotiations with the Defendant and put offers to them, to which they countered offers before finally agreeing on a settlement of £6,251.20.