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Criminal Injuries – case study following headbutt in Off Licence

Claim Outcome

£2,000 compensation assessed for an innocent victim of a criminal act.

Assault in an off licence

In this case, our client was in an off licence when, for no reason, he was head butted.  As a consequence, our client sustained a broken nose, suffered from black eyes and facial bruising.

Upon receiving instruction we completed the appropriate CICA application form, and submitted the same within the appropriate time period.  The CICA, upon consideration of the application, and after securing medical evidence from our client’s GP and the hospital attended by our client on the date of the incident, assessed compensation at £2,000, based on Band 5 of the Scheme (as it stood prior to 27 November 2012).

Our client was given the opportunity to reject the offer and apply to the CICA for a review within 3 months of the decision having been made, but in this case, our client decided to accept the offer.

The solicitor who dealt with this case on behalf of our client was Steven Rendell-Read who has more than 20 years experience in personal injury litigation.