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Compensation for an injured driver

This case study shows how important it is to seek legal advice rather than trying to negotiate a settlement with the third party insurance company directly.  Our client was involved as the innocent driver of a stationary vehicle parked in a car park when a collision occurred with the third party vehicle.  Our client suffered a whiplash injury and was immediately aware of the effects of the impact suffering from headaches, nausea progressing to a whiplash injury to his neck, back and shoulders.

The third party insurance company immediately contacted our client to deal with the repairs to the vehicle and tried to push our client into settling a claim for personal injury compensation at a fairly low award of £800.00.

The Result

When the claimant came to Lloyd Green Solicitors for legal advice, we immediately arranged a medical examination for the client with a medical legal expert who recommended physiotherapy treatment.  The client received 11 sessions of intense physiotherapy treatment to aid his recovery, which would have been neglected had the client opted to settle with the third party insurance company directly.

We were then able to value the client’s claim with the assistance of the medical report and physiotherapy discharge report, once our client had achieved a full and entire recovery and therefore obtaining the correct level of settlement on the client’s behalf in the sum of £1,750.00.

This claim was handled by Louise Hennessy, Fee Earner with Lloyd Green Solicitors, with over 10 years experience.