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Come 1st April the Government is making fools of us all

Nick is a partner and experienced and empathetic injury lawyer.

Nick is a partner and experienced and empathetic injury lawyer.

April 1st has always been known as the time for the Daily Express to publish the first pictures of the Yeti, or little green men arriving in Cleethorpes, or a donkey that has given birth to a tigerdonk.

You get the general gist.

In every such case, a bit of fun and merriment to put a smile on the face of most, and embarrass a naïve, gullible, easily led few.

This year, however, April 1st brings an altogether different sort of joke for us to “enjoy”.

On April 1st 2013, the results of the Government’s latest efforts to demonstrate how utterly out of touch with reality they really are will come to fruition.

The countdown to April 1st should come with a health warning and be read and re-read by all.

On this day, the definition of a small claim (legal parlance for the value of a case which is so menial and unimportant that there is no need for lawyers to get involved) will increase from its already massive £5,000.00 to a whopping £10,000.00.

Just think about it.


From April 1st, if you pay over your life savings of £9,999.99 to a builder to have an extension fitted to your house, and the whole thing falls down the next day, you will have to use the small claims process to sue him (sorry, but most builders/cowboys are male !) to get your money back.

The point of the small claims process is that of course you can employ a solicitor and, if you wish, a barrister as well to assist you but even when you win the then contrite apologetic builder will not have to pay your legal costs.

Seriously? Yes, seriously.

Well done, the Government. Really well done.

What’s next, you might ask?

Making disabled people go to work to save the Benefits bill. Surely not?