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Collapsed chair causing injury

You might be amused at the idea of someone sitting outside a restaurant having a quiet cup of coffee and a sandwich and falling off their chair…….but if it happened to you, you might not laugh quite as much.

In this case, a former army corporal, Mr. I., was doing just that, minding his own business and enjoying a nice break and a drink when his chair simply collapsed under him (he was not a large man, before you ask).

As well as the shock and surprise at suddenly finding himself sprawled out in a rather undignified way on the pavement, and the inevitable embarrassment that went with this, our client hurt his head, his arm and his elbow.

It was perhaps fortunate that he was not scalded by the hot coffee in addition.

Our advice

Mr. I contacted Lloyd Green for help several days after the accident when he was unhappy with the reaction of the shop proprietors who were not prepared to take him seriously and accept responsibility for what had occurred.

Unfortunately, despite being pressed to do so, liability for the accident continued to be denied and it was not until the June 2012 that this was accepted. We arranged for the client to be examined by a specialist whose comprehensive report provided us with the evidence we needed to enable us to value the appropriate award for his injuries and enter into negotiations to settle his claim, to include his associated expenses such as medication taken and the cost of attending medical appointments.

Obtaining the best compensation

Regrettably, however, despite our best endeavours, including making a formal offer to settle to the restaurant’s insurers, no settlement proposal was received at all and therefore to show the other side that we and Mr. I meant business and were not willing to accept further delays and procrastination, formal legal proceedings were commenced against the employers.

As is so often the way, settlement then followed swiftly for £1,420.00 after we did this, the insurers electing to then accept the offer to settle that had been made before the proceedings had been commenced.

Solicitor who handled the case

The client was represented by Nicholas Chatters, solicitor in charge of Lloyd Green’s personal injury and clinical negligence team.

More Information

If you would like information or advice in relation to a similar (or, for that matter, completely different) accident that you have had, please do not hesitate to telephone or email us.

Our solicitors will be more than happy to discuss your accident with you without any obligation whatsoever.