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Claim for Compensation for a cyclist hit by another vehicle

Case outcome

£2137.00 compensation secured for innocent cyclist.

It never ceases to amaze us how so many avoidable accidents occur due to drivers simply not paying attention on the road.  Most of these would be prevented if those responsible had kept their eyes on the road (and perhaps they had left their mobile phone or other device in their pocket).


In this case, our client, a student, had been properly and lawfully riding his bicycle in the right hand lane of traffic, when a taxi driver attempted to do a U turn and, in doing so, knocked our client off his bike.  At the time of the accident the road surface was dry and visibility was good. Our client was, fortunately, wearing a helmet and because of the nature of the manoeuvre being carried out by the taxi driver, the impact upon our client was at a fairly low speed.  However, our client had been unable to brace himself for the accident, as he was looking straight ahead at the time of the impact.

Our client instructed Lloyd Green Solicitors to act on his behalf on a Conditional Fee Agreement basis and an After the Event Insurance Policy was obtained.  In accordance with the standard procedure, the claim was registered on the RTA Portal, but as the third party insurers failed to admit liability within the prescribed time period, the claim dropped out of the Portal and, in fact, the third party insurers in this case, instructed solicitors to act.  Liability investigations proceeded for some time and included us obtaining a copy of the Police Accident Report which established that the third party was indeed, responsible for the accident and as a consequence, the third party solicitors admitted liability.

Medical Evidence

Medical evidence was obtained from a GP within which it was ascertained that our client had sustained moderate bruising to his legs, which resolved within a period of 9 days, moderate sprains to his neck, shoulders and ankles, all of which resolved within 2 weeks from the date of the accident, as well as a moderate laceration of his left forearm, which resolved within 2 weeks of the date of the accident.  The medical expert confirmed that our client had attended hospital for treatment and to have x-rays of his legs and ankles, which fortunately, showed no bony injuries sustained.  Our client did however have to take one day off work and was restricted to light duties for 3 days.

The medical evidence, having been agreed by our client, was submitted to the third party solicitors, together with details of our client’s special damages which consisted of the cost of the repairs to his bicycle, medication expenses and the cost of repairs to his personal computer.

Our client was very happy with the terms of settlement which also included his legal fees being met by the third party insurers on the predictive costs regime basis.

This case was settled by Steven Rendell-Read, a solicitor, with more than 20 years personal injury claim experience.