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Case study accident when delivering goods

Our client, a 26 year old man, received £3,232 as a result of an accident at work in June 2011, when taking a delivery at work, and the delivery driver at our client’s employer reversed into our client and knocked him over, as a result of which he suffered snapped tendons in his hand.

Our client was taking a delivery at work when the delivery driver reversed in to him and knocked him over, and a pallet truck then rolled towards him, as result of which our client injured his hand and his wrist.

A claim was made against our client’s employer for liability in respect of the negligent actions of the delivery driver, failing to provide the delivery driver with adequate

training, and failing to provide our client with a safe place of work.

Our client required physiotherapy for his injuries.

Liability was admitted by our client’s employer and our client was awarded damages of £3232.00.