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Bicycle accidents – ensure that special damages are also claimed

In this case, Mr L, a full time graphic designer, was riding his bicycle across a busy junction when it was hit from the side by the negligent third party driver.

The accident and impact  caused damage to our client’s bicycle and clothing, in addition to causing injury, requiring paramedics to attend the scene of the accident and take him to casualty by ambulance.

Our approach to this claim

Mr L contacted Lloyd Green Solicitors for legal advice and assistance with regard to his injury, but also, he was concerned about the level of damage to his bicycle, since some bicycles are now worth thousands of pounds.

Upon initiating a claim via the MOJ Portal System for Road Traffic Accidents, it was soon confirmed that the third party accepted liability for our client’s accident and the injury sustained.  We then arranged for our client to be examined by a specialist and a report
provided us with medical evidence, enabling us to value our client’s claim for injury and approach the third party insurance company to obtain the correct level of settlement on his behalf.

In addition, with assistance from our client in obtaining quotation and receipts, we also dealt with the replacement cost of his bicycle and clothing.

Compensation Process

In this instance, liability was not disputed and therefore we were able to obtain settlement on behalf of the claimant in a very reasonable timescale. As with many bicycle injuries, it is important to include and recover the cost of damage to the bicycle or the replacement value, as well as  clothing.  It is important that bicycle riders obtain legal advice when involved in an accident as often these accidents go unreported, but are the fault of third party vehicles driving negligently or without due care and attention.

This claim was settled by Louise Hennessy, Fee Earner with Lloyd Green Solicitors with over ten years experience.