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Back injury compensation claims

Back injury claims are one of the most common types of personal injury claims. This is because it is so easy to sustain a back injury, whether it is because of a road traffic accident, an accident at work or a slip or fall.

Lumbago is the term for lower back injury, which afflicts 7 out of 10 people at some point in their lives. It can either be brought on suddenly as the direct result of an accident, or can develop gradually due to consistent strain. If the back pain you have suffered lasts for less than 3 months it will be categorised as acute back pain. If however, it gradually develops, and lasts more than 3 months, afflicting sufferers with longer term issues, it will be labelled as chronic.

One of the greatest reasons for time off work in the UK is due to workers suffering from back injuries. Broadly speaking, those affected often experience pain for a few days, with the pain normally subsiding soon after. Some sufferers, however, can be in pain for up to 6 weeks before their pain begins to dissipate. Back injury can therefore lead to a lot of time taken off work, and a vast amount of lost income as a result. Those who suffer from back injuries as a result of an accident which wasn’t their fault may therefore be entitled to compensation.

Suffering Back Injury as Result of Manual Handling at Work

Even jobs which do not include manual handling in their job specification will at some point involve the lifting or moving of certain objects or equipment. In all jobs, but especially in the ones mentioned above, your employer has a duty to provide you with the right training and health and safety information to minimise the risk of injury should you have to undertake manual handling at any given point. Failure on their part to do so will result in them breaching their duty of care. If you have suffered an injury as a result of this, you will be entitled to compensation.

Even if your employer did provide adequate training and health and safety notices, if you suffered a back injury as a result of an accident/lifting at work, you should contact legal professionals to determine whether you still may have a claim.

How Long Will a Back Injury Claim Take?

Depending on the type of back injury you sustain, a claim could take several years to pursue. This is because back injuries need to be monitored over time to see whether a full recovery is possible.

Back injuries are often split into 3 categories: injury to the vertebrae and discs, wrenching injury or soft tissue injury. The first includes injuries where discs can slip out of place, or where there is damage between the vertebrae. The second includes injuries where the actual structure of the back is damaged. The last category involves injuries where the muscle and tissue of the back are damaged, which can restrict movement, make the back stiff and painful.

Additionally, the courts will need to check that the injury you have sustained is due to the accident in question, and not the result of a previous, unrelated condition. They will therefore often request scans, x-rays and other tests to demonstrate this. This can take a lot of time and delay your case.

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